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Researchers Discover Critical Clue in the Mystery of Sawfish Mating
(April 2017)
For the first time in 17 years of Florida-based research, scientists have discovered a mating ground for the Endangered smalltooth sawfish. During an expedition early April to the shallow-water back-country of Everglades National Park, a research team captured, tagged, and released three adult sawfish (one male and two females) in an area previously known almost exclusively as juvenile sawfish habitat. All three had distinctive lacerations, apparently sustained during mating, that match the pattern of teeth on the animals’ saw-like snouts.
April Conservation Lecture Series on "Translating the Language of Life" with Dr. Mark Hay
(April 2017)
Dr. Hay (Georgia Institute of Technology) will discuss chemical ecology as planetary drug discovery and how understanding, translating, and using chemical cross-talk among marine species can provide new and powerful options for curing environmental collapse in marine systems.
March Conservation Lecture Series with Dr. Bruce Means (Coastal Plains Institute) on Florida’s seepage bogs
(March 2017)
Seepage bogs and wet flats contain some of the highest plant biodiversity in North America. Dr. Bruce Means will discuss these spectacular bogs at our Conservation Lecture Series on Thursday, March 16th at 7pm.
Conservation Lecture by Dr. Peter J. Edmunds (CSUN) on Tropical Coral Reefs.
(January 2017)
Dr. Edmunds will talk about these “rainforests of the sea” and reveal what we have lost, what we are losing, and why it is worth fighting to protect what is left!