FSUCML Scholarships

The Matt Beard Memorial Award for Excellence in Research

This special award is given in memory of Matt Beard, a young man who intended to devote his life's work to the conservation of corals. During his junior year, when he had nearly completed a study on coral recruitment in the Florida Keys, he was killed by a drunk driver. His research was published posthumously (see citation below). The award is given to the student who embodies all that Matt exemplified as a student of marine science and as a member of the FSUCML scientific diving community.

Mason B., M. Beard, MW Miller. 2011. Coral larvae settle at a higher frequency on red surfaces. Coral Reefs 30(3):667-676 DOI: 10.1007/s00338-011-0739-1

The FSUCML Graduate Scholarship Fund

This scholarship supports FSU graduate students who use the FSUCML as a base for conducting their research. Funds are available thanks to the generosity of the Friends of the FSUCML and the FSUCML Board of Trustees.

The Coastal & Marine Conservation Student Award

This scholarship is intended to provide research funds or a Research Assistantship to graduate students of FSUCML faculty who are working in the Wider Caribbean in any of the following areas:  (1) protection and conservation of coastal and marine habitats; (2) protection of ecologically and economically important marine species; and (3) sustainable fisheries.

The FSU Department of Biological Science Scholarships

The Department of Biological Science offers many scholarships to undergraduate biological science majors. Visit their website for the full list of scholarships.

Non-FSU Scholarships of Interest

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