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Launching scholarship to sea: FSUCML receives $100,000 endowment

Florida State University alumni Tommy Warren and Kathy Villacorta’s gift creates the Coastal and Marine Conservation Student Research Endowment to provide support for graduate student research into protecting and conserving coastal and marine habitats, ecologically and economically important marine species, and sustainable fisheries. See the article on page 16 of Spectrum magazine at the link below.


Hosting 20th Biennial EEEF Meeting

From June 14-16, 2016, the FSUCML hosts the Ecological & Evolutionary Ethology of Fishes Meeting, Tallahassee, FL, drawing scientists from all over the country.

Plan Your Research, Retreat or Meeting at the FSUCML

The FSUCML, with its beautiful view of Apalachee Bay, coastal marshes and oyster reefs, is the perfect place to conduct research or rekindle your group’s energy.